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The Secret Set of Skills world leaders use to influence the people they need to…

Do you find…
You have no time to get everything done
You’re under pressure to hit unrealistic goals
You don’t have the processes and systems you know would help
You don’t have the resources to implement those processes
You’re competing with others for the resources
And there’s a constant expectation, you can do more with less
As you manage a team who are just as stressed as you are
Not to mention the unexpected things that come up in your personal life that seem outside of your control…
The result?
You’re left exhausted and disillusioned – you thought this year would be different.
It still can be…
Take control now.

Meet Arabella

If you were wondering how others seem so calm, convincing and in control, here’s how. They understand how the brain works, how to influence it and how to do so consistently to get results. There is far too much information on the brain, not to be using it. Now it’s your turn.

 Welcome to Insight and Influence Mastery where you decide, act and convince…easily.

During this 6-day program, you’ll receive the tools to break through the safe rules you’re living by. You’ll connect with what’s important to you. And you’ll embed the skills to convince and motivate others to help you get it.

NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING or NLP uses perceptual, behavioural and linguistic communication techniques to change your thoughts and actions. This means that you become congruent and make better, faster decisions that positively impact your life.


As this intensive is advanced, it’s best to talk to us first. Then we can work out if it’s right for you, right now.

Insight and Influence Mastery
In this 6-day intensive you will

Uncover your vision

Demolish your limitations

Reinforce your influence

By adopting the most powerful mind analysis and altering devices that world leaders use.

All you need to do is give yourself permission to act now.


What have others who’ve worked with us said?

“When it comes to communication, presentation skills and looking at the behavior and mindset that ultimately enables someone to be able to present with confidence… there is no one better in my mind. I have referred a number of clients to her and will continue to do so. A very impressive talent!”

Greg Betty

Director, Growth Potential Australia Pty Ltd

As a coach, Arabella is second to none. She offered support and encouragement, but also a reality check when needed. Working with Arabella allowed me to see what it takes to step up and how it would look when I got there. Her knowledge of communication styles, her presenting skills, and her true empathy combine to create a career and even life-changing experience for her clients.”

Sophia Arthur

Copywriter | Content Strategist, Healthy, wealthy words

“I have worked with Arabella for many years, having picked up multiple skills at both a cognitive and practical level. Her professional approach, leadership, incredible attention to detail and exceptional work ethic, helps influence behaviour and empowers others to make a positive change.”

Natalija Tanevska

Director and Buyers Agent at Arch Haus

Why not have a conversation? 


• The Magic of NLP Demystified
• Time Line Therapy® & The Basis of Personality
• Time Line Therapy® Made Easy 

Plus you finish with 3 Practitioner CERTIFICATIONS: 

• NLP Practitioner
• Time Line Therapy® 
• NLP Coaching


*Early bird special finishes 30th of May 2019


Do not do this program if you’re:
• Not open to powerful new skills
• Happy with your level of influence right now
• Not questioning whether there’s an easier way
• Not curious as to what secrets world leaders use
• You don’t want to make an impact



This program is for you if you’re:
• Curious as to how the brain works

• Keen to get people to accept your ideas

• Wanting the most advanced influencing skills

• Motivated to take control of your career
• Ready to make a meaningful difference AND
• Determined to have fun whilst you’re doing it!


July 2nd-7th, 2019
12pm – 7pm
Lower ground, 27 Macquarie Place,
Kyle House, Sydney (near Circular Quay)


Over this 6-day program, you’ll integrate the skills to give you mastery over…

Module A
Mastering Your Mindset

Learn the Mind Mastery Model – how your mind programming works, how it influences your thinking, feelings decisions and behaviours.

Use powerful techniques to carefully choose your response to situations – the words you choose reveal intellectual attributes

Learn how to maximise the strengths of your own personality – find out what is limiting you and modify your mental sequence accordingly

Learn how beliefs are formed and how to eliminate self-limiting bias – rewire your automatic perspectives

Module B
Mastering Your Emotions

Stop inner conflicts – learn that the quality of your life is subject to how you perceive certain situations, and how to balance negativity

Use Anchoring to control your feelings and state of mind – free yourself from unwanted internal response, and anchor emotions to specific situations

Focus your mind on tasks at hand – eliminate procrastination and instil each day with renewed engagement

Discover how to associate your emotions with clarity of thought – to clear your mind and think logically through problems

Module C
Mastering Your Relationships And Communication

Learn how to build instant rapport, mutual agreement and interest from others – using body language, eye movement and tonality

Learn to use Sensory Acuity – to choose your words based on triggered responses and a desired outcome

Develop deep connections with people – by learning how to interpret meaning behind objections and reversing resistance.

Influence others using 3 questions – to help yo reveal specific information about any concealed subject

Module D
Mastering Your Performance And Productivity

Learn how to repurpose your values and articulate them into goals – create achievable goals without ambiguity

Use the 11 principles for effective goal setting – create clarity around each step on your path to success

Learn how to set the right goals for your strengths and productivity – ensure that each goal’s outcomes seamlessly lead you to the next

Dislodge ingrained laziness and procrastination – instead focus on growth and reward by reframing outcomes

Module E
Mastering Your Fears And Phobias

Achieve lasting and concrete results from the above modules – by mastering your fear and overcoming doubt

Create change and growth on a personal level – identify impulses to take control of your automatic behaviour

Overcome presentation nervousness – build a skillset that includes research, preparation and execution.


Why is it 6 days?

It’s not just 6 days. It’s 6 days plus 20hrs of audio, plus a manual and 3 books to refer to. We get real change. As you know, that has to happen on many levels over a period of time.

Who created these skills?

These skills have been assembled by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. They researched, found and organised the work from the leaders in psychology, psychotherapy and hypnosis to create a program of practical skills you can implement straight away to get results fast.

What can I expect at the end?


  • Discover techniques to be become a more effective leader

  • Make sure you are heard so you get the results you need

  • Improve your clarity by uncovering your values and beliefs

  • Change unwanted behaviours and habits and become more congruent

  • Increase confidence and conviction in every conversation you have

  • Enhance your awareness of what is happening in each interaction

  • Understand how to consistently influence others to accept your ideas

How do I get started?

All Modes of Business including Sales, Leadership and Communication

To identify impulses and take control of your mind, your emotions and your behaviour

To create change and growth on a personal level

Business and Personal Coaching

Learning and Educational Coaching

Therapy and Relationship Coaching

Book in a call with Arabella to get started